New YorkApril 10, 2018 – Sutton Place Strategies (“SPS”), an award-winning, deal sourcing intelligence provider, today announced its launch of SPS Alerts. These notifications combine the power of SPS research, tailored to the user’s investment criteria, delivering real-time, actionable data.

The SPS Alerts are the culmination of SPS intelligent integration, automation, and application theme for the first quarter of 2018. Waiting till the end of the quarter to aggregate deal data or logging into a system to query this information is antiquated in our mobile-first lifestyle.

These Alerts allow users to focus their efforts on sourcing deals, not gathering data or running queries:

  • Be the first to hear about deals closing in your target, with information on the intermediaries, professionals, and how to contact them.
  • Newly active firms and professionals that closed a deal in your target for the first time: Be the first to call, say congratulations, and ask about what they are working on right now.
  • Broken deal alerts: Notify you when high-priority deals from your internal pipeline didn’t trade.

“These Alerts give our clients the tools and the control to immediately act on this information, which is critical in today’s accelerated marketplace,” says SPS CEO, Nadim Malik.

If you are interested in configuring SPS Alerts for your investment strategy, give us a call or request a demo today!



About Sutton Place Strategies, LLC.

Founded in 2009, Sutton Place Strategies is dedicated to helping investors, corporate buyers, lenders and advisors maximize their business development effectiveness. The firm’s core service is the convergence of actionable data with proprietary technology that is designed to quantify the addressable universe of a client’s target market, serve as a road-map to improve deal sourcing, and measure progress on a continual basis.

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